Welcome to Central Asia

Central Asia was for many centuries the area where, due to its geopolitical position, the centers of world trade and science were formed, scientific, religious and philosophical schools were created, which later had a major impact on the development of total human civilization. It is no coincidence that modern historians call Central Asia the pearl of the Silk Road. The history of Central Asia dates back to the Stone Age. In Central Asia, there are numerous archeological monuments from the Stone Age and Bronze Age. The traces of Alexander the Great can still be found in Central Asia. Already at the beginning of our era, the mighty empires such as Bactria, Sogdia, Khorezmien and Kuschan developed there. Central Asia is rich in historical and archaeological monuments from the Middle Ages. The region is known not only for historical monuments, but also for the unique nature and the mighty mountains. Turkestan Travel brings you to the highlights of Central Asia.