The territory of Tajikistan from the most ancient times lay on the important historical routes of the Silk Road, connecting the East and the West. Country in the international trade and cultural exchange linking of old possessions of Bactria – Tokharistan (Chaganian, Shumon, Ahorun, Kubodien, Vakhsh, Hutal, Rasht, Kumed, Darvoz, Vanj, Rushan and Wakhan), Soghd, Istaravshan (Ustrushan) and Ferghana with India, Afghanistan and China. The Silk Road was not only the exchange of goods between the East and the West, but also ideas, cultures and people.

Modern Tajikistan is a mountainous country with the altitudes varies from 300 to 7,495 meters above the sea level. 93% of the territory are mountain ranges relating to Pamirs, Hissar-Alay and Tien-Shan mountain systems. The mentioned ranges are divided by rich and fertile lands of Ferghana, Zerafshan, Vakhsh and Hissar valleys. Complicated relief and big amplitude of mountain system's high caused exceptional diversity of flora and fauna.


Capital - Dushanbe
Location - the South-east of Central Asia
Territorу - 143.1 thsd. square kilometers
Population - more than 8 million people
Currency - somoni, introduced in October, 2000

State borders - Length: 700 kilometers from west to east, 350 kilometers from north to south. In the west and north, Tajikistan has borders with Uzbekistan (1332,9 kilometers) and Kyrgyzstan (about 987 kilometers); in the south - with Afghanistan (1332,9 kilometers and in the east - with China (494,95 kilometers).

The highest mountains
                        Height above sea level, meters

         I.Somoni's Peak                                     7495
         Abuali Ibn Sino's Peak                            7134
         Korjenevskaya's Peak                             6974
         Moscow's Peak                                      6785
         K.Marx's Peak                                       6726
         Garmo's Peak                                        6595
         Soviet Officer's 
         Peak                                                     6233
         Engel's Peak                                          6510
         Vudor's Peak                                          6132
         North Muzkol's Peak                               6128
         Mayakovskiy's Peak                               6096
         Pakhor's Peak                                        6083

Climate: dry continental, with over 300 sunny days a year