Samarkand the ancient capital of the Timur‘s empire. Poets of the last century called it a precious jewel of the Eastern world and the Rome of the East It is a treasure of the Central Asian cultures.

Samarkand, the second largest after Tashkent in population and territory, aswellas, for industrial significance is the center for world tourism.

Samarkand strikes by splendor of architecture: One of the most famous monuments is Registan ensemble located in the heart of the city. Registan is three monuments in itself consisting of Ulugbek, Sher-Dor and Tillakori Madrasas, whith minarets stretching into the sky. Mysterious Shahi Zinda necropolis, a holy place for Muslims of the East is no less popular. It consists of 11 mausoleums decorated with unique Glazed tiles. And above the old town like a mountain rises Bibi Khanum. One of the best creations of architects of the Eastern Samarkand is Gur-i Emir , the tomb of Amir Temur, his sons1 and grandsons‘ burial place . Deep blue sky color ribbed dam of Gur-i Emir is seen from long distance . In the north east of the city there seen the remains of Ulugbek observatory the grandson of Amir Temur the famous philosopher and astronomer of the Medieval East. Shahi Zinda . In the southeastern slope of the township of Afrasiab there is one of the greatest ancient architectural ensembles of Samarkand a Shahi Zinda necropoiis . lt consists of 11 mausoleums attached sequentially to one another through the XiV-XV centuries. Climbing up the thirty-six steps of the old staircase a visitor enters the public gallery.